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dynadans is best chinese brand for dance shoes

Dynadans has more than 100 employees. It is a Chinese company brand who have been providing a number of customers with a diverse and high quality range of dance shoes for over 10 years.Since 2019 Dynadans has sold more than 10 countries around the world, which has always implemented a corporate culture and value of "customer first", "integrity first", "harmony and gratitude" and "pragmatic and efficient". Dynadans is a leading dance shoes retailer in China, which is a dynamic, growing brand that continues to update and improve its product ranges in response to changing customers needs, and new products have now been added to the Dance Fitness range and the Gymnastics range.All these have enabled us to go further in the industry. Dynadans brand is dedicated to providing a wide range of innovative dance shoes options and good quality service for our customers, with a commitment to always being a supporter of the dancers behind them so that the Dynadans brand can offer dancers more confidence. We hope to bring better product to dance amateurs, professionals, students and teachers from all over the world, believing in dancers can perform better while practicing and feeling the joy of dance.

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Dynadans Products and Services

1. Products and Services:

Dynadans has provided the current dance product ranges through comprehensive market research and close interaction with professional dancers in the industry, constantly updating the parts of the product they value.
We visit factories around the world, from which we select the best manufacturers to produce products with cost-effective raw materials and requirements that exceed industry standards, ensuring that our products meet our customers' expectations. We keep a close eye on the industry, keeping up with the current trends, following up on customer needs and comments, paying attention to the product life cycle and market feedback, exploring potential new customer needs so that we can improve and evolve our products as they are remanufactured. The internal departments of the company often conduct brainstorming, resulting in a number of creative ideas. From the initial design of the product to the final product quality check and after-sales service, every step of the process is strictly controlled in the hope of providing a better service to our customers.
Our customer service staff are experienced dancers and professionals in the industry, who are able to respond efficiently and satisfactorily to customers' questions and help them solve their problems in the shortest possible time, always from the customer's point of view. We work closely with our suppliers and warehouses to ensure that customer feedback is corrected in a timely manner and orders are received as soon as possible. We believe that the best products and the best service are the best gifts for our customers. 


Dynadans Purchasing and Sales

2. Purchasing and sales:

We regularly attend trade shows, network with suppliers around the world to find quality suppliers who can meet our customers needs and build stable, long-term relationships with trusted suppliers to ensure the quality and availability of our products for our customers. Our purchasing and sales teams work closely together to design and manufacture products to meet our customers needs, providing a good link between customers and producers. Our products keep up with new customer needs and trends, they are competitively priced compared to our competitors and are constantly being renewed to meet the needs of all dance styles, ages and genders. 


Dynadnas Executive Operations Team

 3. Executive Operations Team:

Once we receive an order, we will carefully confirm and check the customer's purchase information, convey the customer's requirements to the shipping staff in a timely manner to ensure that the product they purchase is what they want. We have a stable source of supply and an abundance of warehousing materials so that orders are dispatched within 72 hours of being placed, ensuring that customers receive their products and put them to use as soon as possible.
The logistics companies we choose are trusted partners such as USPS. Our company keep contact with the logistics company , ensuring that we can track the parcel , and then send text messages to our customers to update them on the status of their order. In the event of any return or exchange issues, we will provide a prompt response and solutions to ensure our customers have a pleasant shopping experience. 


Dynadans Office Space

 Email: info@dynadans.com
Phone: +86 133 7228 7588
Address: No.18 Huashan Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

Operating Hours: 9am - 5pm CST Monday to Friday