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In 1996, Na Dan, a shoemaker in a small town, made a pair of jazz dancing shoes for an art troupe actor.Later, the excellent quality and low price of the shoes went to different parts of the country with the national tour of the art troupe.
In 2000, Na Dan opened its first shoe store downtown.
In 2012, Na Dan and her family moved to changzhou, jiangsu province, in order to let more people enjoy dancing.And change the brand name as Dynadans.
In 2015, Na Dan tried more, hoping to take its products abroad, so that the whole world can feel the joy of dancing.
In 2018, Dynadans landed on amazon America and achieved good sales on amazon.
Now Dynadans is still living up to its founding ideals.


With the core competitiveness of giving the product "enjoy dancing" wearing experience, many consumers like the high quality of the product.The secret of Dynadans dance shoe depends on the shoe structure that accords with human body engineering, alleviate the pressure in dancing in order to make the person that wear feels portable save effort;At the same time, select high-quality leather (face) material, manual sewing and other characteristics of fine technology, to ensure that each shoe has its own unique characteristics.

After-sales guarantee:

1.If you are not satisfied with the goods received or the shoe size is not suitable, you can reject the goods directly without any expense.
2.Within 7 days from the date of purchase (counting from the date of signing and receiving the package), the customer can return or change the product unconditionally if not affecting the second sales.
3.Any normal use, if the bottom damage, upper damage, heel damage, etc. occur within a month, unconditional return
4.The return and replacement of goods caused by the quality problems, the freight back and forth by the Dynadans to bear.If the goods returned or replaced are not due to quality problems, the customer shall be responsible for the freight returned to Dynadans, and the freight sent out again shall be provided by Dynadans for free.