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We dedication to the advancement of dance, theater and recreation in communities worldwide.


This is Dynadans Dance
From 1960 till date, we have put our energies and constant efforts towards one simple aim, to create a ‘must have’ for every dancer. The journey started with Na Dynadans in China when he witnessed a young and aspiring dancer struggling due to the unavailability of efficient shoes. Na decided to devote his time and create a solution for the young dreamers.

Since then, we have been adopting practices to continue learning, developing and growing to help endless number of dancers by providing them with excellent products. At Dynadans, we put our users first by diving deep when it comes to quality and excellence.
At Dynadans, it is about the dream, the beautiful dance.

 Our Values
At Dynadans, we know what to value most. We don’t put ourselves first, instead we prioritize our users. We know how to select the best material, hire the best talent, create the best experience and deliver the best results.
We value the aspirations of others and the efforts they are putting towards their passion. During our 60 years, we have come to realize that when you dream big, you’re not alone. Hence, YOU are not alone!
Dynadans dances with every dancer by keeping strictly amazing values.

Shared Passion
Dynadans started with a small aim of helping an individual which soon changed to helping every individual with the same need. We realized the gap in the market and decided to offer the shoes that you fall in love with. Soon enough, we realized there is more required than just shoes.
We are now proudly offering dancewear, shoes, and beautiful accessories. What once began as a will to help are now a top-seller and a reliable partner of numerous buyers. We continue to learn and research about your needs to support you in moving forward.

Our product range tries to include everyone by breaking the product range in segments. We have products for adults, toddlers and those especially willing to purchase wear for Yoga.
We’re specializing in pointe, ballet, tap, jazz, character, contemporary, and tights. Our product line includes skirts and tutus for toddlers too. Under each section, there are products finely made for your comfort and wear.
Our accessories focus mainly on Yoga by providing wonderful products to lift your spirit. The ranges of items are innovative as well as useful to ensure our customers are satisfied with every purchase.

Over the years, our decisions have taken shape due to the culture that we have created in the organization. At Dynadans, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Ever since we have started, the devotion towards customer has been rooted in our DNA.
Decision such as product development and hiring staff is not just simply completed as per our choice. We research into what you require and we design our products by keeping the customer preference in mind. When hiring and training people, we are looking for people who know how to make you feel better. We don’t want to limit our interaction as a simple online platform, rather we want to extend this relationship by letting you know, we care for you.

Such is nature that when we want to speak without words, we turn towards art. Dance is no different. When the energy of an artist explodes and reaches optimum, the energy of a dancer is instantly apparent. The stage becomes a canvas for an artist to fill with expressions and moves.
In such a beautiful expression, we want to play our small part by assisting the artist with the best wear to help them touch people’s hearts with their incredible skills. We want to help push the creativity of an artist to allow them to be a better version of themselves.

The nature of dance is that it takes us off our seats and brings joy to us. What is such a joy if not shared and given back? At Dynadans, we believe in giving back to the community and helping every individual. Ever since we have begun operations, we have supported the National Dance Association (NDA) and China Health Promotion Foundation. Moreover, we have started an appreciation program to appreciate teachers who put in energy and sweat to teach their students. The aim is to motivate others to take the step forward and become teachers too so the dance can spread across the board and reach every soul.

With good things often come adverse reactions too. Although the textile industry has heavily been a part of the good things that have happened for people, the impact on the environment has been unfavorable. We feel that by doing nothing, nothing will change hence we have taken the step forward to be a part of the solution to decrease the adverse effect of textile industry to our earth. We are totally invested in adding sustainable methods of doing things in our operations to play our part in the society. It gives us immense joy to announce that there are numerous ecofriendly ideas and collections to come out in the near future. At Dynadans, we understand that the earth is our responsibility and we must take care of it.

 our story continues ...